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In Malaysia, when the word dhol comes to mind, a constantly smiling, insanely entertaining and exceptionally talented individual comes to mind – dholi Keeran. In fact, if the term dholi (dhol player) should ever be included in any local dictionary, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if it was his picture in place of the definition. Having first picked up the dhol at the tender age of 14, an unexplainable bond between man and instrument was formed. “I didn’t choose the dhol, it chose me” explains Keeran on how it all began. Today, he’s one of the leading dhol players around, having performed alongside renowned local artists such as Reshmonu, Sasi the Don, Jungle Jerry and Gold Kartz. Considered the best dhol player in South East Asia, it comes as of no surprise as to how he’s performed in annual music events like the Rainforest Festival (2006), Sunrise Music Festival (2008) and Kaleidoscope in 2009. His talents have obviously not gone unnoticed, and his passion and knowledge on music was put into use in the local film, ‘Sumolah’ where he played a role in the production of some of the soundtracks. It’s safe to say that because of Keeran, ‘dhol fever’ has spread like wild fire across the nation and along with it bringing awareness, acceptance and rapidly increasing the number of rookie dhol players in the country. Keeran in turn showed his gratitude by forming the Dhol Federation where people who inspire to be like him or simply want to take up the instrument can pursue their passion. Putting aside his unmatched skills with the traditional Punjabi instrument, it’s his humble personality and liveliness on stage that makes him so well received by not only the Punjabi community but to anyone at all with a fondness for music. Race, gender and age know no bounds when it comes to Keeran and the music he produces. Bearing this in mind, he’s even released a few non-Punjabi songs catering to the diverse fan base he’s gathered. And by that, we’re referring to Taalam pode, a fusion of Northern and Southern Indian music, where he skilfully displays his versatility in the Tamil language and shows that besides playing an instrument, his vocal abilities are pretty darn good as well. Taalam pode’s original version, Chakla Doliyah Dhol is a track Keeran holds close to his heart, being his first ever single that is soon to be released in his debut album, Monsoon. Responsible for producing Keeran’s debut album is the newly formed Kami Productions, under the supervision of managing director Ballu B. Under Kami Productions, two other albums are set to be released sometime this year. Monsoon is indeed an album to keep an eye out for, especially if traditional Punjabi music fused with world music is your cup of tea. Heck, just listen to it, cause’ even if you’re not a fan, Monsoon is bound to make you one. Twelve years into his dhol-playing life, Keeran is still going strong and all that can be said about this talented Punjabi-chap is that it’s just the beginning for Dholi Kiran. As Keeran cleverly puts it, “Just as your heart rate is measured on beats, the rhythm of the dhol beats keeps your heart going!” Contact Details: Cell Phone: +60128870669

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