About Us


Most students are smart but scattered

Many parents don’t quite know how to find a tutor or how to judge how good or bad that tutor is. They panic and end up paying for something that doesn’t really help their child. There is no assessment or regulation. service provides reassurance, flexibility and expertise in all subjects for all ages and we carefully match qualified & expert tutors to the personality and learning style of each student, providing one-to-one tuition in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Our wide experience shows that students prefer this stress-free approach to learning as they can progress at their own pace and are free from the often felt pressure in traditional learning environments. By removing the intimidation and fear of failure, students become comfortable, confident and eager to learn.



Every client has different needs

We serve all families, teachers, libraries, schools, colleges, universities, actors, musicians, athletes, governors and even the military.

That’s why we offer customized programs from our one-to-one, learning products to comprehensive implementation, training, marketing and reporting services. Our goal is to make every student, job seeker, professional and teacher a fan and deliver a successful program to every client!